Phuket Yacht Charter Guide

How to find the best Phuket yacht charter? 

  1. Before you start searching know either:
    1. your budget, 
    2. your preferred destination or 
    3. what kind of yacht you are looking for? 

Not all boats can go to every destination. 

A general rule the bigger the boat or the further the destination the more expensive it will be. The average 8-hour yacht charter for 8 guests in Phuket will cost ca. 900 USD. 

  1. The service and crew are what make a memorable yacht charter at the end of the day. We humans are social creatures hence we value communication before and especially during the charter. A good crew can make even a rainy day an outstanding experience. 

  1. Check what others are saying! Look on the platform of your trust:
    1. Google reviews
    2. Tripadvisor
    3. Trustpilot
    4. Etc. 

are great places to find out who really cares about your experience. 

  1. Lastly, contact the company of your trust. You will quickly figure out which company cares about your experience and goes the extra mile when in communication.  An honest “No, this is not possible” is always better than a lie that will ruin the entire experience. 


When planning your Phuket yacht charter focus more on the social side rather on the boat or destination. This will give you a better experience overall when chartering a yacht.

Make sure to check what others say about it on reputable platforms like Google or Tripadvisor or similar. This will give you a very good idea who cares about your experience. 

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