Best of Thailand’s Islands Hopping Cabin Charter

Day 1: Off We Go to Koh Maithon and Phi Phi Main island

The adventure starts off at the meeting point Klong Bar at 10:30 every Sunday. Here, everyone meets up for a quick drink and get to know each other, while the crew gets the luggage onto the boat. Once everyone’s on board, there’s a friendly run-through about what to expect, a safety briefing, and who’s who among the crew. The first stop is the beautiful bay at Koh Maithon. It’s a dream spot for a first swim and snorkel in clear waters and a delicious Thai buffet.  After lunch, the boat cruises around the island, perfect for spotting some wildlife if lucky, the bottlenose dolphins are just around the corner. In the evening time to check out Koh Phi Phi’s lively village, followed by a yummy Thai dinner back on the boat. The night ends with everyone chilling under the stars. 

Day 2: Sunrise at Koh Phi Phi and Sailing to Koh Lanta

For those who wake up early, there’s a cool hike to Koh Phi Phi’s viewpoint. It’s not too tough and worth it for the views. Back on the boat, a tasty breakfast is waiting. Then, it’s off to Koh Lanta. The trip’s not just about sitting back – there’s a chance to learn a bit about sailing and hear some cool stories about Thailand. Koh Lanta welcomes everyone with fun water sports and a hike to a nearby waterfall of ca. 1,5 hours. The day wraps up with a gorgeous sunset, some more time in the water, and the only dinner out in a beach restaurant, often accompanied by a nice fire show.

Day 3: Cave Adventure and Snorkeling at Koh Rok Nok

Day three starts early with a trip to the Emerald Cave at Koh Mook. It’s a bit mysterious and totally cool, especially the hidden beach inside. Lunch is at Koh Rok Nok, another great spot for snorkeling and seeing what’s under the sea. The evening has a beach BBQ planned if the national park rangers allow, otherwise onboard – it’s as awesome as it sounds, eating great food right on the beach. Then, it’s back to the boat for some star-gazing and relaxing.

Day 4: Island Hikes and Underwater Fun at Koh Ha

The morning has a hike around Koh Rok on the agenda. It’s a bit of a climb but the views are great. Post-hike, we set sails to Koh Ha, famous for its snorkeling. There is loads to see underwater, including some pretty cool fish. The day’s not over yet – next up is Maya Bay for some kayaking and paddleboarding, topped off with a stunning sunset. The night’s special treat? Swimming in waters that glow in the dark. It’s like magic!

Day 5: Maya Bay in the Morning, Chill at Koh Racha Yai

Some of the group might head out early to see Maya Bay, while others can snorkel near the cliffs. After everyone’s had breakfast, the boat sets sail for Koh Racha Yai. There’s more snorkeling and exploring to do here. The day ends with another beautiful sunset from the boat and a dinner that’ll make your taste buds dance.

Day 6: Sailing Back to Phuket

The last day starts with a quick swim, then it’s all sails set for the trip back to Phuket. This part of the journey is super fun and a bit of a thrill ride with the wind in the sails. 


This sailing trip is all about amazing places, fun activities, and great food. Each day brings something new – from quiet bays to lively villages and cool underwater sights. The crew’s fantastic, the food’s delicious, and the whole experience? Just unforgettable.

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