Yacht charter Samui

Make your yacht charter in Phuket an amazing Adventure!

As experienced sailors, we choose only the best yachts for a charter in Phuket. Let us help you to find the vessel that will suit your holiday the best. Below you find all kinds of different boats in size, style and for every purpose.

If this choice is overwhelming for you, just contact us and we can give you advice.


Overview for your yacht charter in Phuket

The dream of a Yacht Charter Phuket: It's cheaper than you think

Seeing the picture of a beautiful yacht in tropical waters is considered a dream of everyone.

This dream falsely is connected only to the rich and beautiful.

First of all, they are not beautiful.
We saw them out there many times and many of them are even the opposite of what you call beautiful.

Secondly joining a yacht charter in Phuket can be as cheap as 100$ per person. Just get your family, friends, colleagues, bachelor party or whatever group together and enjoy the sailing.

Even if you don’t come in your own group, just ask your neighbour in your Hotel, Airplane or wherever. Most people are very open to do such a charter together. We experienced it many times.

Joining one of our join-in tours (link to join in) is not worse than a private charter. We keep a maximum for every tour to ensure safety and pleasure.

Pro-Tipp: Spend a bit more for a smaller vessel with a smaller number of people. It will be way more fun than on a bigger vessel in the crowd.

Last, but not least do not shy away to contact us for your charter.
There are many requests from people who can not afford what they desire. If we are able to make a charter even for a bit less, we are happy to help out.
It also happened to us already that we connected 2 groups to one charter, that both could not afford individually.

How to Charter a Yacht in Phuket with us In 5 Easy Steps

Sounds too easy to be true?
I tell you to charter a yacht in Phuket is as easy as this:

1. Contact us through your favourite channel:

  • Call
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Mail
  • WeChat

2. Tell us the following data:

  • dates you are able to go and if booked alternative dates
  • which boat do you like and alternatives if not available anymore
  • you want to go half day, full day, overnight?
  • amount of persons in your group
  • extras you would like to include

3. Receive an offer from us 

4. Pay the deposit of 30% for the trip.
We can offer you plenty of ways for paying so you can save conversion rate and credit card fees. Just contact us

5. Pay the balance 1 month ahead and enjoy your perfect tailored Phuket yacht charter.

When is the best time for your yacht charter in Phuket?

Now is the best time!
Every day, every second and every moment can be the best one if you know how to enjoy it.


First of all, have a look for our special Phuket weather guide (link to /phuket-weather-guide).
The best weather is usually from December till April. It is the hottest and driest time, but of course less wind as well. It is our high season, hence nearly all boats are booked and through the high demand prices are higher.

Green season is from June till November, whereas September and October usually get the most rain.
If you are looking for the best value as the demand is lower and prices are cheaper, come for a charter between June-August or November. Another benefit is there is more wind, if you enjoy sailing.

For a detailed weather description like I mentioned earlier, have a look for our Guide. It explains you best which situation can suit you best for your Phuket yacht charter.

What is the best place to go when charter a yacht in Phuket?

Good question, it all depends on how you like it.
Everybody wants the best. So everybody will gather there. This means the best places will be the most crowded ones.

Tell us what you like! Do you want to be alone on the beach? Would you like to see the famous Maya Bay, where Leonardo Dicaprio starred in the movie “The Beach” or do you want to have the best possible sunset locations?

After more than 20 years of charters in Phuket we know where the places are.

For a more detailed description and the best itineraries click here

What should I bring with me?

Quick and simple: Be prepared for hot, sunny and humid days!
Phuket lies 7 degrees north of the equator, that is only 900 km.
So consider this and bring the following:

  • sunscreen: sun protection factor (SPF) 30-50.
  • hat, cap, any kind of protection especially for your head, face and neck as the sun is nearly shining down vertically from top.
  • your personal medication (we got seasickness tablets on board)
  • phone, camera, etc. to capture the amazing moments

What is included in the charters?

As nearly all boats have different owners, there will be different inclusions.
Be insured that there will be water included in every yacht charter in Phuket.

For the rest please have a look in the boat description which mentions:

  • inclusions
  • exclusions
  • optional

What options are possible for a yacht charter in Phuket?

Our motto is: nothing is impossible.

Once the prince of Abu Dhabi chartered a boat with me. The yacht went out with 7 other vessels around for watersports, pictures and fun. The food was exclusive as he was himself. We sold this trip over 5 digits USD, so of course we can not include the champagne on a 500 USD boat trip.

Just as a teaser what we already served on our yacht charters in Phuket:

  • French wines
  • Any imaginable food
  • Artisan Cheese Platters
  • Arabic belly dancers
  • A worldwide known DJ
  • A British magician

Please beware that you should come with special requests as early as possible as some things are still not easy to get in Thailand!

Are all yacht charters in Phuket insured?

Simply YES, all boats in Thailand get checked regularly and get registered and need insurance.

Additionally most of the boats have a passenger insurance, but we still recommend having personal health insurance.

Is it safe to charter a yacht in Phuket?

Yes, all boats we offer are at least to Thai standards and get checked on a regular basis.. Especially catamarans offer the highest safety. If there is the slightest safety concern we will cancel the trip from our side with 100% refund.

The accident 2018 occurred on a custom built and not seaworthy boat. The Chinese owner of the company went out with a not seaworthy boat, even though there were weather warnings.

The Thai government got very strict about this rules and laws after the accident in late 2018 in Thailand. The Phoenix (link to accident) sank and with it xx Chinese people drowned.

Please do not see this as a potential danger. All of the boats in our fleet exceed the safety measurements of the Thai government by far. Most of the sailing catamarans can even go in 10 m waves as they are built for offshore sailing.